Shoe laces

ShoeTech has a wide assortment of shoe laces on offer for customers requiring shoe care products or who are in the shoe care business, such as importers, chain stores, supermarket chains and wholesalers. The laces are made out of a variety of materials, for example cotton and polyester, and are available in various lengths and colours.

The shoe laces can be presented in a variety of different ways; for instance, blister or coloured cardboard packaging. Your own brand name or trade mark is clearly visible on the packaging. Production takes place in China and storage is in Oisterwijk (NL). Deliveries are made as soon the laces arrive at our warehouse or from stocks on demand. We are therefore able to send off orders within a few working days. Visits to a variety of international shoe fairs ensure that we keep on top of the latest developments in the shoe lace business.

ShoeTech laces can be used in all kinds of footwear, such as men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, and safety (protective) footwear.

Product assortment: Shoe laces

Shoe laces and Gel insoles