Supplier of shoe laces and gel insoles

Welcome to ShoeTech! ShoeTech is specialised in shoe laces and gel insoles and is an independent supplier. Both product groups are manufactured at our own locations in China. Other shoe care products can also be supplied on request. In our branch, we are increasingly seen as a global sourcing partner.

ShoeTech can offer competitive prices to manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retail organisations. ShoeTech only delivers under private label. Customers decide on the eventual packaging of the shoe laces and gel insoles and also use their own brand name. If desired, ShoeTech can help with graphic design. We are also very flexible as regards choice of packaging.

By supplying shoe laces and gel insoles, ShoeTech is able to offer its customers a number of products from the same location. These products can be delivered straight away or kept in stock for the customer for speedy expedition when the products are required.

Shoe laces and Gel insoles