Gel insoles

ShoeTech develops and manufactures an assortment of gel products for a variety of footwear, for instance, shoes for men and women and sports shoes. Our gel insoles are also made at our own production site in China.

ShoeTech helps you to put together an assortment of insoles that perfectly fits your customer base. Several kinds of packaging are possible on which your brand name features prominently. ShoeTech’s assortment of gel insoles can be used for different applications which ensure increased wearer comfort. For example, there are gel insoles to support the ball and heel of the wearer’s foot. Furthermore, ShoeTech also delivers complete gel insoles, mainly for the sport branch. .

ShoeTech gel insoles give comfort to the wearer. They are made of an antibacterial material which prevents bad odors. ShoeTech gel insoles come in individual shoe sizes or in cut-to-size format. If desired, they can also be self-adhesive. .

Product assortment: gel soles

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